Trail riding country wide on magnificent Clydesdale horses

Hands On Experience

We believe it is very important to remember the place that the heavy horse had in our past and to keep alive its purpose. In our hands on experience we would like to pass on the joy of working with the horses in both their new role as riding horses and in their old role as workers of the land and forest.

We aim to provide a holiday learning to work with our very special Clydesdale Horses in all aspects of their job at Brimpts Farm.

With the hands on experience, people will be able to spend time with the horses and get to know them. You will be shown how to safely collect your horse from the field and prepare him for the day's activity, you will learn about the principles of feeding and how to prepare the feed. You will learn about the reasons for grooming your horse and be shown how to do it safely and efficiently. You will pick out your horses feet and tack him up ready for the ride. After the ride you will be shown how to un-tack your horse, wash him down if needed, put on a sweat rug and turn him out in the field. You will be show how to clean the tack and recognise when it needs attention.

We are developing a draught work aspect to the hands on time you have with us and we will be carrying out some of the routine jobs around the farm using the horses for such jobs as harrowing and pasture topping as well as pulling timber out of the forest.

We are strong advocates of the principles of "natural horsemanship" which is practised in various forms. Our horses are trained through these methods and we will pass on these ideas during your hands on experience with us.

Depending on availability we may be able to provide accommodation on site at Brimpts Farm for your hands on experience holiday.