Trail riding country wide on magnificent Clydesdale horses

Dartmoor Riding Adventure 2017

Here we have our proposed Adventure Holiday trail ride dates for the 2017 season. The rides are mostly three day but can be extended up to five days for those riders who would prefer the longer option.  For more information and prices of these adventure holiday rides, please see the page 'Adventure Rides' or telephone Aileen or Tim on 01364 631683 (evenings).

                                                           June/July 30th June - 2nd July, (3 spaces)

                                                                 July 14th - 16th, (6 spaces) 24th - 26th (fully booked)

                                                                  August 4th - 6th (fully booked),  10th - 12th, (6 spaces)

                                                                  August 25th - 27th, (6 spaces) 

                                                                  September 8th - 10th, (fully booked) 16th - 18th, (2 spaces)

                                                                  September 22nd - 24th, (2 spaces)

                                   Our maximum client number on each ride is 6.  The rides with 6 spaces are flexible but                                      the rides with people already booked on are firm dates.

                                   Phone (evenings) 01364 631683