Trail riding country wide on magnificent Clydesdale horses

Our Horses



Brae Park Tom, alias Tom Parker believes himself to be a very important person and is always found where the action is, generally leading the charge if there is one!!

He was born in 2007 and came to us via the good offices of Ron Calder of Kidderminster and is proving to be a very nice member of the team.

He is very sturdy but extremely comfortable to ride.

Tom Parker is also very accomplished at draught work and is happy to pull the cart, drag a tree or harrow the field.

Allan Allan (Big Al) was born in 2007 and is from Northern Ireland, he came to Adventure Clydesdale from Ron Calder of Kidderminster.

He is a bay roan and has a very gentle temperament and loves people.

He is one of the larger horses standing at 18hh.

Allan is a very special horse, a real gentle giant.

He is a really solid member of our team and will delight the confident rider.


 Midge is lively and athletic. He is very small for a Clydesdale, standing at about 16.1hh and was born in 2007.

He was bred by Ronnie Black of Collessie Fife, Scotland but came to us via Tommy Macaleese of Aghadowey, Northern Ireland.

Midge has been trained in dressage by Jane Lavington when he was on winter loan with her in 2013/14, he came 7th in the British Dressage Winter Regional Championships musical ride. He is a winner of the Exeter Clydsdale race and the Flete Park race. He is a lovely horse to ride across Dartmoor and is easy going and friendly.


Frankie Doodle, aka, Brimpts Enchanter is half brother to Midge sharing the same mother, Collessie Enchantress.Foaled in 2010, Frankie came to us from Tommy MacAleese, as did his brother. After a slow start due to a very nasty bout of shipping fever he joined our team properly in Autumn 2014 and has made a very impressive start. He is extremely quick to learn and he is used as a very forward ride leading horse as well as an enjoyable ride for clients. Frankie Doodle was the winner of the Clydesdale race at Exeter in 2018.


Solo was born in 2007 and joined us from Tom and Margery Tennant of Singlie Farm at Ettrick Bridge, Selkirk.

He is a half brother of Ecco and Siryl who are offspring of the stallion Singlie Storm.

He is a bright bay with an eager manner, he is quite a stocky Clydesdale and is a well established member of the team.

Solo was the best in hand gelding at the Royal Highland Show before he came to Adventure Clydesdale, he is very good looking horse.


Siryl alias Stobilee Sirocco was born in 2006 in the Scottish Borders.  He is a full brother to Solo and half brother to Ecco having all been sired by Singlie Storm.  Siryl joined us in 2011 and was trained on Bodmin Moor and has been one of our key riding horses ever since.

Siryl is a very quiet, sensitive horse and is easy to handle although he is a horse for the more experienced rider as he has quite a turn of speed.

Siryl has won the race at Exeter in 2017.









.Little Louis

Little Louis joined us in the spring of 2018, he came up from Cornwall as he did not have a job to do down there.  Clydesdales love to work and Little Louis is no exception.  He has fitted in well with his friends here and is proving to be very popular.  He is a forward going, lovely ride and is only 6 years old so will have plenty of time to excel in his new job.  Little Louis is quite small but is still growing so might make 17 hands - maybe.



Bobby Dazzler Came to us as a completely untrained 6 yr old at the end of February 2015. We have had outstanding success with his training and he is now a solid member of our riding team. He has an exceptionally gentle nature but is forward going and eager to please. He has already graduated to doing day rides as he has a good level of fitness.  A true gentleman and always ready to oblige.

   SALVO MONTALBANO  is fairly new to the team.  He is just 6 years old and is quite small for a Clydesdale.  Salvo is quick and nimble and is proving to be  a very nice horse indeed.  He is for the more experienced rider who will be impressed with his action.  Salvo is always keen to get on with the job.  

PHIL was foaled in 2011 and is a very solid member of the team, he has taken part in several of our holiday rides is proving to be very popular.  He is a very handsome horse and is very friendly, always comes up to you if you are in the field, loves lots of attention.  



Another fairly new member of our team, Jimmy Cliff is a lovely ride, he has the smoothest trot ever.  Before he came to us he was learning draught work and is very happy harrowing the field and is also learning to cope with the hitch cart.  A very good all round horse, his tail is growing and will soon be as long as his friends' tails.

   Some of our former team members are listed here  
Major  Major is an icon in the world of ridden Clydesdales. He was foaled on the north coast of Scotland in 1998 and joined West Highland Heavy Horses in 2002. He stands at 17.1hh.

He participated in the journey from the Isle of Skye to Cumbria as the main lead horse and was a big player on many of the longer rides at Cumbrian Heavy Horses. He is renowned for his speed and endurance, having been mistakenly given the body of a Clydesdale instead of a thoroughbred!!

He was the winner of the Irvine Carters Society race 2007 a testament to his amazing turn of foot. However, this winning drive does not prevent him from recognising the ability of his rider and toning their ride down accordingly. He is a truly awesome horse to spend time with. Major is now in semi retirement in Cornwall with Laura Cordy where he enjoys a life of luxury fitting for a horse who put everything in to every ride he ever did.

Sadly we had to end Major's life in September 2016 as he was suffering severe arthritis and had also contracted canker.  He is missed by all who knew him.

profile ben  Ha Durran Ben is a hardy Clydesdale from the far north of Scotland, having been bred by the Cormacks of Castletown, Caithness.

He really did not want to leave home as a four year old to come and work for West highland Heavy horses. It took us 3 ½ hours to load him. Anyway, he arrived and very quickly became a useful member of the Skye team.

He participated in the Great Clydesdale migration down to Cumbria and spent four years as part of the Cumbria team before joining Adventure Clydesdale.

He is utterly reliable at his job and has had countless riders of all abilities on his back and showed them the joy of riding a real heavy. Ben is 13 years old, 17.2hh and has a great deal to offer as a riding horse. Ben also participated during May 2011 in a journey of 10 days back up through the West Highland to commemorate a historical pursuit of a horse thief.

Ben has now moved on to new things and has fallen on his feet with Liz Burt who bought him in November 2014 and rides out with him at her home in Crantock, Cornwall.


 Tommy Trotter came to Cumbrian Heavy Horses as a halter broken 4year old  in 2007.We trained him for riding and he became one of the regular team in Cumbria. He went for winter loan to Freya and Franchesca Hill in Nottingham in 2009 and 2010 but came as part of the Adventure Clydesdale team for the season of 2012. He performed a fantastic job as an utterly reliable all rounder for all levels of ride during the season of 2012 but returned to the Hill girls for his winter holidays. During this time he developed a cancerous growth on his eyelid which was successfully treated.The Hill family, who developed a very strong bond with this beautiful, gentle horse, bought him from us and he now is part of their happy little family in Nottingham 



Tweedie retired to Cornwall to be a happy hacker in a lovely private home.



Ivan also went to live in Cornwall where he will ride the lovely Cornish lanes.








Faroe finally lost his long battle with canker and we decided to save him any more pain and had him put down in January 2018.

He was the most beautiful horse with a wonderful temperament and the perfect ride.  We all miss him very much and we feel priviledged to have known him.



Ecco is a Scottish borders lad from Singlie Farm at Ettrick Bridge, Selkirk. He stands at 17hh and was born in 2004.

Ecco started his ridden life at Cumbrian Heavy Horses where we trained him to become a key member of the riding team. He has done seven years of all the regular rides and a large number of the long distance rides and is a very popular horse as he is willing and forward going but easy with it.


He joined us at Adventure Clydesdale in August 2011 and has roamed around Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor for the last three seasons with a great many happy riders, both experienced and novice.

Ecco is now in well earned retirement with his new owners in Kent who love him to bits.  We miss him but we are happy he is in such good hands.